LamarMatic’s Throwback: Dennis Rodman with the Mavericks

LamarMatic November 13, 2011 1
LamarMatic’s Throwback: Dennis Rodman with the Mavericks

Dennis Rodman’s second game in his troublesome stint with the Dallas Mavericks. Stats wise this even could be his best game as a Maverick, forget about the points and the rebounds, Dennis shows his ability to pass the ball (a very underrated skill that Dennis Rodman had) and has 4 assists already in the first half. However Dennis just couldn’t behave during this season, he argues a lot with the referees, consistently tucks out his jersey and ends up being ejected from the game, which could have cost Dallas the W. February 15, 2000.

One of the best threes in NBA of that time combine for 84 points and 11 three pointers. Sam Cassell hits some of those signature mid-range jumpshots, dishes out 13 assists and gets in two altercations with Michael Finley, Ray Allen starts the game well and goes for 27 points, however Glenn Robinson is pretty quiet for the first three quarters, but hits 4 threes in a small period of time to be the high point man with 29. Even though Milwaukee have some trouble with the Mavericks team, they play a good second half and those threes by Big Dog put the nail in the coffin.

A decent game by a young Dirk Nowitzki from the 1999-00 season in which he improved noticeably. Dirk slams down two dunks, gets to the free throw line by attacking the basket and knocks down a few jumpshots.

One more video of mine trying to prove that Shawn Bradley was a quality player. Even though the big guy has already somewhat hit the twilight years of his career, you still can make a point about his efficiency on the floor. Bradley scores some hoops after beautiful post moves and as always there are some blocks.

Props to GoldLion for this upload of Dennis Rodman with the Mavs. Among Dennis’s antics in this game is Rodman’s defense with his hands down his pants.


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