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  1. MoriorInvictus
August 13
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Rev's Kids

Undisputed King of M2, from North Capitol St.

I <3 det May 1, 2013

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Jun 21, 2013 at 1:27 AM
    1. HZM28
      wisdome is when you give somthing and you have it in return . weed is like life , when yoou get higher you smell the shit cracked open without understanding the why . without why you r a phaggot . means a lot for a weed groupe's user . you disapointed the truth by repliying to quickly without any accpetbale logic beside the logic of cursed streets . i know the streets more than you do . chill out man , i m not here to taste the eggs in you avatar :D ok ? cool story .
    2. Love-for-the-game
      Thanks, but you didn't reply to me on the Pacers - Heat series did ya? Don't really know what you're talking about :P
    3. ChicagoBullsNet77
      yo i have a dirk jersey, lebron jersey, and a Wall rookie jersey
      1. Rev's Kids
        Keep the dirk, burn the lebron and sell me the wall
        May 1, 2013
    4. TheLastVinsanity
      Hi,i'm looking to build a group of people(TC Team),that will cut hlt from full nba games
      i want to make a big Thread that we will upload all nba games clips,
      i will give you the full games and you just need to cut the clips.
      what you say?
    5. ...
    6. suphomes
      lmao dude i find myself pissing myself laughing from some of your posts. you must be a baked cunt half the time because only dudes who smoke make me laugh like that
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    August 13
    North Capitol St.
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