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Feb 9, 1982 (Age: 31)
College Student

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Mind over matter, 31, from Athens,Greece

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    1. J.U. ICE
      Loved it. Very classic sound.
    2. InsanityIllz35
      Because it wasn't until late 2009-early 2010 when I really started getting into modernized hip-hop, so I was those "trapped in the 90s nigguhz" I guess :)
    3. InsanityIllz35
      I honestly wasn't even a fan of his until I saw that thread on here on which of his album was better for 2012 (and after listening my opinion is Straight, No Chaser btw :)) which made me listen through his whole discography and its pretty obvious the dude came into his own on Grey Hairs and after that polished his shit right along with the help of some hip-hop heavyweights that he has some amazing chemistry with, I love every single album and mixtape after 2008.
    4. InsanityIllz35
      Well, I'm sure you've heard his latest single weeks ago, Let's Go but apparently it's not even for RC, no info on Twitter. Feels bad man :/ tracklist looks so promising.
    5. InsanityIllz35
      Soo, do you have any clue what's going on with Revolution Cocktail? I figured you'd be the one to ask on this board, so do have any idea? Because I have no idea the release date just keeps saying February 26th but not even a leak has come out. Any idea?
    6. VenomIndustries
      It's kind of a seasonal thing. Comes for a few months then leaves.
    7. VenomIndustries
      The Baconador is glorious. You can ask Juice to attest to it. It's essentially hamburger, cheese, and double bacon. Stack it up as many levels as you want. 1 layer, 2 layer. 3 layer, 4 layer. Whatever. Just keep adding on patties cheese and bacon.

      They recently brought back the mushroom melt for a few months last year. Was still good.
    8. VenomIndustries
      Yeah, those are real names. The place is weird like that, but delicious.

      And yeah, Wendys is still big here. I think they just passed burger king up to become #2 behind McDonalds. I personally like Wendy's the best, in terms of fast fast food. Sad to hear they left. Because you never got to experience the Baconador.
    9. VenomIndustries
      Should I ship one to you? Perhaps a menage a trois or a MILF?
    10. VenomIndustries
      I'm a food guy bro. But yeah, I do prefer an amazing sandwich over an amazing burger. Don't get me wrong, I love a good burger. It's just I can make a good burger myself. But I can't make homemade pastrami and tower it up 8 inches on rye bread. That's why I buy and post photos of sandwiches often.

      Plus there's Ike's Place near my house. And when you got sandwiches like that, you don't pass it up.
    11. VenomIndustries
      Dear god, your last food photo post. That's heavenly.
    12. LamarMatic
      I checked out the Pro Era album and I have to admit that Joey Bada$$ has impressed me. That whole album and crew seemed to have a chilling Boot Camp Clik, Black Moon-ish sound. Plenty of tracks with replay value from that album. It was also sad to learn about that Capital STEEZ dude.
    13. VenomIndustries
      Spike is a strange man, but he knows how to tell a story. Very good short film. That bitch needs to start living more carefully though lol. She was warned not to drive a car! Poor guy though, only left with his head now. The music throughout was good too, enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing.
    14. taratata93
    15. VenomIndustries
      I'll check it out tuesday at work, and get back to you.
    16. LamarMatic
      But in this case, the original wasn't that good to begin with, wasn't it?
    17. LamarMatic
      Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it, but it kind of doesn't appeal to me.

      Don't you ever feel that way when hearing a remix? For some reason, I can get so adjusted to the version I have heard the first (it doesn't matter whether it's the original or the remix, or if I hear the version which is not that acclaimed) that I can't listen to those same rhymes over another beat.
    18. LamarMatic
      The beat is nice, but having heard the hard-hitting Premo version hundreds of times it just doesn't seem to fit the raw lyrics and style of the song.
    19. Drizzy Dre
      How does one get a avatar the size of yours?
    20. Fresh27
      only downloaded the album recently and not really a fan of his rapping. he's always had some quasimoto style rap from years ago and it never really did anything for me but the beats are pretty cool.
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    Feb 9, 1982 (Age: 31)
    College Student
    Favorite Team:
    Hey y'all,it's Tasos NSB aka arlubas.I've been a long time NBA and basketball fan in general for almost 15 years now.I have been a Knicks fan since forever and for the past 4 years I am also a Clippers fan because two of my fave players joined the team.Who are those two players?Elton Brand and Corey Maggette both of whom I have watched since their college days.
    Another big love of mine is the NCAA which I try to follow as much as I can.Which of course leads to the big stage that is the NBA draft for all these young and filled with dreams colle