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LamarTradamus, from Latvia

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Apr 13, 2013 at 5:16 PM
    1. tom brady
      OTC in the movie draft
    2. tom brady
      Bah, that really sucks man. You can try PM'ing suphomes to see if he'd be willing to give up his spot to you, he said he'd enjoy sitting out. I'm gonna try to kick Crippa out because he doesn't know much about hiphop and give his spot to Rippa haha.
    3. tom brady
      Haha, sorry man. I didn't even think to remind you since you were in love with the old school so much. If this one pans out, you can trust that there will be even more of these in the future with other genres involved. I'm thinking of doing an Album Draft after this one is done.
    4. A.L.X.
      Yeah , I'm not a fighting type of mixer too but I always wanted to do a Tyson mix.Thanks for the watch man , really appreciated.
    5. A.L.X.
    6. Crucified
      just get anything bigger that you can easily put your leg in without restrictions. and yes it does sting as hell first few minutes. then it gets better, also the more you do it, the more you get used to it. just dont over do it, when you injure it... do it 3-4 times a day, and at most 15 minutes at a time. and also on a daily basis, after basketball training or a game, you can do it as well, right after activity... for prophylactic reasons. nba players always ice knees, and feet after every game and practice. jj reddick after every game goes into ice bath, i think its called... ice plunge :) imagine bath, filled with ice cubes... :)
    7. Damnshow
      got them on the first day
    8. Damnshow
      it's called Loftas and MAXIMUM people they can get in is 1000, maybe even less:

      some pics, don't show much but they do it variously, sometimes expand the area sometimes not, depending on how many people gonna be, for premo they expanded all the way, same will be with nas.
    9. Damnshow
      agree, onyx would bring some mad energy but when you can land a top 3 of all time then it's a no brainer, they should have picked a bigger arena though cause there might be too many people :D
    10. Damnshow
      yeah, that's for the one event where either dmx or onyx were supposed to be. now that's a big ass upgrade :D
    11. Damnshow
      God dammit Nas is coming to Vilnius in July
    12. arlubas
      Yeah rumors are it was a suicide but that's not the official version of the story. Sad regardless. But yeah this whole clique is pretty good. I was particularly impressed with them on that vid I posted in the what are you listening thread where all of them freestyled and it seemed like everyone could take on the task at any given point (with Bada$$ shining the brightest of course).
    13. arlubas
    14. arlubas
      Oh well, thought you'd enjoy. I know I did.

      On unrelated news I'm gonna watch Apathy with Celph Titled and the Snowgoons live on March 1st. Should be a rhyme fest!
    15. Ranga91
      Ah sweet cheers man, dont go out of your way but if you see something let us know. Yeah my grandfathers Latvian and my grandmothers German from my mums side and yeah they left during the war, only reason Im bringing it up and interested in it is because I've started going to these Latvian games, basically anyone with Latvian heritage a lot of people who were born there and came over here have started a while ago a Latvian club, we have heaps of them around for Lithos, Croatians and other Euro countries and basically just a place for especially people that have just migrated to meet up, gain new friends and you know not feel to home sick.

      They have dancing balls and sports events and last few years they have gotten me to come down for the basketball comps, like KD's and Baltic games whatever it is and yeah I wanna go down to the next one rocking some Latvijas jersey.
    16. Ranga91
      Hey man might be random as but I was wondering if there is any chance you know of any stores in your country that sells Latvian basketball jerseys for the national team, Im looking at getting a jersey as my heritage is Latvian and I want to rep it. Been looking online with no luck, if you do know of a place is there any chance you would consider buying it and posting it overseas obviously I would pay you for the jersey, postage and time for getting it but yeah just let us know man.

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    Biyombo, the seventh overall pick in the draft, played with emotion and battled toe-to-toe with Dwight Howard and had 10 points and a career-high 15 rebounds. He also blocked seven shots.

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