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Jun 25, 2013
Aug 4, 2006
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Sydney, Australia
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V I P, from Sydney, Australia

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Jun 25, 2013
    1. Legionarius
    2. suphomes
      if you like em lemme know theres a lot more good track by em
    3. suphomes
    4. suphomes
      hey man, just wondering if since you loved that Qmobb album, have you given other groups like onyx a listen? i bet you'd love em if you dig that queens grimy shit
    5. Occy
      The day you appeared I lost my heart
      To you, to love.
      And from that day I cannot part
      From you, from love.

      You hold me tight
      To you, to love.
      In my thoughts all day and night
      Of you, of love.

      I offer all that I have to give
      To you, to love.
      And all my days I want to live
      With you, in love.
    6. LamarMatic
      I'm going through all of the seasons, once again, right now. I think it's my fifth time. Which is your favorite season? People often seem to say that they like season 4 the most, but nothing comes close to season 1 for me.
      I've seen The Sopranos once. Well... I don't know, yes, it was an entertaining series, kind of like a good mob film (Goodfellas, per example) stretched out in a longer period of time. BUT - I don't know if I would watch it again and I kind of feel like that the viewer doesn't obtain anything from watching The Sopranos. You get a few years of the life of a New Jersey mob boss and that's it. Of course, it's really unfair to compare it to The Wire, but I never felt anything for The Sopranos. How hard is it to watch Wallace getting shot and compare it to Adriana being killed... It's hard to watch the scene with Wallace, while when seeing Adriana get whacked I thought "damn, this sucks - they kill off the hottest girl on the series." But hey, maybe that's just me.
    7. LamarMatic
      You would think a less enlightened man than myself, a cruder man than myself, a man less sensitized to the qualities and charms and value of women, a man like that, not me, but a man like that just might call her a cunt.
    9. J.U. ICE
      Don't know what I did, but fuarkin love you mate. Hope the fat is still melting off and you're still straight up merkin cunts at boxing.
    10. Mescudi
      Haha whats there not to like...Def. top 10 of all-time
    11. Chronz
      Sending this message out to elite members, we need you, I NEED you, to help out with M2's Official Player Ranking Project. We're going to systematically rate the best players, 1 by 1, in painstaking detail. Sounds like fun right, if your interested I implore you to visit this thread;

      In order to get the best possible results we need to reach critical mass, so that we may have a full blown, peer based committee of the best members. Where the majority of the votes from the select few must be tallied before moving on to the next #. Get at me in the thread if your interested.
    12. LamarMatic
      Thanks, I actually need them for some team logos. Glad I helped out.
    13. Fresh27
      haha yeh i was fresh out of a peachy civil war and then to sydney, first in Dee Why and then to Miranda. still hate you eastern cunts though.

      even ranga was amazed i lived in miranda when he found out. lmwoo
    14. MoriorInvictus
      ****off cunt get in tc
    15. maikis
      nah im definitely not a knicks fan forget about it. to be honest i didn't follow suns this season as I did every year in the past. I'm more like a fan of nba for now. See, I just dont like the suns roster, its a bunch of crap. nothing special anymore
    16. J.U. ICE
      Royce. As far as I know, no one else is coming, but we'll see.
    17. J.U. ICE
      lol, like a more extreme Aussie version of Trailer Park Boys here in Canada (both the neighbourhoods are called Sunnyvale coincidently).

      PS. Gracie's coming to a local gym on Monday. Hopefully I'll make it out there and get to meet him/get a picture.
    18. hobes
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    Sydney, Australia
    Apprentice Painter/Decorator
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    Phoenix Suns
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