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Sep 23, 2006
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V I P, from Melbourne, Aus

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Apr 19, 2013 at 4:32 AM
    1. suphomes
      Hey dude sorry I couldn't play today, had to go to work. Was at a mates as his gt was messed up. Should be getting net tomorrow I think, hopefully we can have a couple games soon dude. Hope you're good man
    2. whitemamba
      no, it actually won't let me :/ gotta have a first and last name
    3. whitemamba
      hey what'd you want your CAP guys last name to be? you just put scotty hahaha i have him down as "Scotty Scott" right now
    4. suphomes
    5. Gotumer
    6. Chronz
      Sending this message out to elite members, we need you, I NEED you, to help out with M2's Official Player Ranking Project. We're going to systematically rate the best players, 1 by 1, in painstaking detail. Sounds like fun right, if your interested I implore you to visit this thread;

      In order to get the best possible results we need to reach critical mass, so that we may have a full blown, peer based committee of the best members. Where the majority of the votes from the select few must be tallied before moving on to the next #. Get at me in the thread if your interested.
    7. suphomes
      hey man, ive ordered all the shit for the xbox, so ill be able to play with you once again lol.
    8. suphomes
      nah i still have that xbox i just dont use it. literally been sitting in some room for like the whole year lol.
    9. suphomes
      haha man ive considered getting an xbox. if i get a good amount on the tax return i might get one just because i know so many more people on it than ps3
    10. suphomes
      I've been watching some of them, not all though. haha yeah i was like, ipodmini1.. i wonder if thats the one from M2. then i saw ur youtube profile lol.
    11. suphomes
      fan of Mike aka onslaught haha. your comment is on the top of one of the videos :P
    12. hobes
      Haha I hope that was a Bingtang.
    13. hobes
      Haha no idea man. You've confused me now.
    14. hobes
      Nah factory is Sat too, it's bigger on Sat I thought? My mate knows the owner or some shit and he told us to come down.

      What I used to always do on Sat's

      -Cushion (hate it)
      -Sorry Grandma in the city I've went to a few times and it was aight.
      -CQ (I want to start going here more, it's amazing - like 50/50 ratio and the chicks are all hot. It's a bit older crowd though)
      -Used to go to QBar when it was open haha, filthy joint.
      -Precinct Hotel (goes nuts, but again it's a bit older)

      A lot of the clubs I used to go to heaps have shut down. I don't even know many of the 18-20 year old clubs that you probs want to go to, as I'm past going to them. Used to be places like Seven, Qbar, Eve, Valve and shit, but all on a Thurs. That reminds me, I want to make a return to Eve, so many funny nights spent there haha.

      I think all my mates want to go to a younger joint this weekend, so I'll let you know what the go is.
    15. hobes
      I'm going to the footy (Carlton Essendon) then Factory I believe on Sat. Probs go to a pub in richmond before hand. Come on down man, I'll get para with you and we'll end up in some mormon's house like your last adventure haha.
    16. hobes
      Mate, I think that's a good thing ;)
    17. hobes
      Haha sucks to be you, now everyone knows your secret.
    18. BTR92
      Good point...
    19. BTR92
      I need a new one lol. Next time im out just gonna ask someone take a pic..
    20. BTR92
      COD my man?
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