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V I P, from South West Sydney

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Apr 19, 2013 at 8:19 PM
    1. LamarMatic
      Oh, ok, sounds cool. I'll do my best.
    2. LamarMatic
      Umm, yeah, why not. I would be glad to help out and I'll look around, it definitely should be sold somewhere. I know that I've seen it in sports stores before.

      I didn't know that you were of Latvian heritage though. Did your forefathers leave in exile during the war or something?
    3. suphomes
      fuck man, i think im literally working all those days haha. well PM me your number and i'll message you and we might be able to work something out.

      curious, how come adelaide? you got fam here or something
    4. suphomes
      really thats hell good. except chances are im probably working friday night dude but i'lll let you know.
    5. nmac
      dem traps :)
    6. pistolpeteJR
      happy birthday aaaarnold. Maybe one day my arms will be as tank as your fish skin. :)
    7. hobes
      Yey, let's party when you're down here my man. I live like 10 mins from St Kilda.
    8. Ranga91
      I dont think they have a company sort of thing man, its sort of a word of mouth job and cash in hand. Not very official i dont even get paid, so yeah looks like it wouldn't work. But like Wednesday learn to play you would be teaching the kids basic fundamentals, as in layup, dribbling shooting and general instructing kids Im not 100 % as Ive never done it just been asked to. But yeah man wouldn't really bother.
    9. DINHSProductions
      So reps on tuesday/thursday trainig? Wednesday I learn to play? What do I do there? And on saturday there are clinics, what do I do there also? LMAOO I need like detailed info as I said before, its got to seem legit as a job, not just going there and doing wth I want to you know. Also would there be a company name I can put down, adress, name of contact person, contact phone number and position? Because the you are like meant to employ me and I got to like get paid :/ If you want I can send you a copy of my form and see what you can do with it about the employer details.
    10. DINHSProductions
      damnn, I'm suppose to go for 5 days straight LOL. I don't think this will work arghhh, because it has to be like an official "company" and an actual boss to accept me. And yea I have to go from monday till friday. AND I don't think there will be any basketball or anything at the time when I got work experience. Would there be a season during mid November?
    11. Ranga91
      Nah man only Tuesday/Tursday 6.00-7.30 and all you would really be doing is advising kids what to do in accordance with plays and giving them advice e.g how to come off picks in saying that the kids we coach are basically the same age as you.
    12. DINHSProductions
      Oh sick, is it everyday from monday till friday? And what will I be doing to be considered working, because my career adviser has to approve that i'm actually working :/ I'm definitely down for it.
    13. DINHSProductions
      Hey Ranga! I was wondering since I'm doing work experience this year for school if I could come and work for your team or something. Like watch how you train them and see how you work. Lemme know asap yea!
    14. DINHSProductions
      I always play pickups at cabra. Thats how I improve, by playing against random people
    15. DINHSProductions
      Yea I had a few pickup games with him the other day, really good player.
    16. DINHSProductions
      Ranga, you must know Dylan Ellul! right?
    17. DINHSProductions
      Coaching seems fun, just tell them the shit you want them to do and they go do it. My team won last year so it was pretty good season. Yea man, I have been rehabing my knees from last year, they feel a lot more stable now, I have been practicing fundamentals only lately for like the last 6 weeks. Going to local woodcourts and trying to adjust my shooting form, it has no spin on it and is really flat when I shoot, so yea trying to fix that, my handling I've have been doing a lot and getting to the hole.
    18. DINHSProductions
      Have you heard of Liverpool Boys High School? We got destroyed first round against them, dunked on us and everything. Horrible basketball year man already, didn't go back to reps, failed state trials, got raped for opens. Sprained achillies and it won't damn heal. How's coaching bankstown so far?
    19. DINHSProductions
      How come he dropped out, I heard he got expelled from his old school lmao so not very good kid. I thought you would've knew him coz i found out he played for bankstown. Btw my school team got buttraped in the opens.
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