Ellis, Sanders Were Physically Separated Following Game 3

Discussion in 'The Hardwood' started by LamarMatic, May 9, 2013.

  1. LamarMatic LamarTradamus


    The consensus so far on the Bucks board seems to be that Sanders is the man for stepping up and calling out Ellis and Jennings. Some people agree that Ellis cares and at least defended himself, he simply isn't the smartest of players yet still plays hard, while it's a very Jennings-esque move not to get involved when being called out. Bucks fans generally want both of them out this summer.

    All I can say is that Sanders deserves kudos for doing so, I didn't know that the young dude already had leadership abilities in the locker room. Oh and I definitely want to hear what's whitehops's take on this, he probably has the most insight on the Bucks.
  2. Love-for-the-game Well-Known Member

    Kudos for Sanders for calling them out, and Ellis and Jennigs are just low-percentage players, they may seem to be playing hard, or scoring many points, but they just aren't consistent good players. They can have great games, or even streaks of 5, 10 games where they'll lead your team to wins, but they won't play at that level at all time. To me, they're in that Carmelo Anthony category. Great players, but won't ever lead you deep into the playoffs, let alone make you champions.
  3. scarf0121 Well-Known Member

    Milwaukee front office are idiots. They are going to let two semi valuable pieces walk with no assets in return other than cap space... for what? who will sign to come play in Milwaukee?
    They should have traded both Jennings and Ellis and picked up some picks and a couple of nice pieces, so that they can build around Sanders, Henson and Reddick.

    I applaud Sanders for calling out those two b*tches
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  4. LamarMatic LamarTradamus

    Imo, they will do you one even worse and will sign at least two of them (Redick being included in this discussion) to absurd contracts. Although there were nevs that Sacramento is interested in Ellis, so it might turn into a match-up of two bad GMs. Like seriously, all that the Kings have are guys who create their own shot and never pass the ball, why the hell would you pursue Ellis!? Haven't they noticed how the Evans, Brooks, Thomas, Thornton back-court experiment ended!?
  5. arlubas Mind over matter

    I somewhat disagree with Ellis. Jennings is way too inconsistent to be relied upon as the main man but Monta is a capable scorer who you can count on for 20 ppg as your second option. In no way can I envision him as the main guy (at least for a serious team) but he would be great acting as a sidekick to a franchise/all-star kind of guy.

    Bucks fans are stupid for wanting both of them out though. It's not like they have the most lucrative of markets...

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