WC Round 1: (1) OKC Thunder vs. (8) Houston Rockets

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Who ya got?

Poll closed Apr 22, 2013.
Thunder in 4 4 vote(s) 16.7%
Thunder in 5 15 vote(s) 62.5%
Thunder in 6 5 vote(s) 20.8%
Thunder in 7 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Rockets in 4 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Rockets in 5 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Rockets in 6 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Rockets in 7 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Marl Kalone V I P

    Houston's good enough at home to win one or two games. I'll say OKC in 6.
  2. chahsuebow Member

    There's a small voice in my head that keeps saying this could play out like the '06 playoffs where the Lakers went up 3-1 on the Suns but Phoenix eventually ended up winning the series. And James Harden is a big factor in that voice. I really feel that he can and will carry this team in the series to make it a lot more competitive than initial thoughts. Maybe its just me though.
  3. pistolpeteJR Instinct of a Child

    He's going to be under a lot of pressure at Chesapeake, that's for sure. A lot of it will come down to how he reacts to the pressure of playing there.
  4. tom brady Banned

    He's sexy as fuck too.

  5. pistolpeteJR Instinct of a Child

    Rockets got murdered. I'm expecting a much closer game 2. In other news...

    Delfino to the rescue of poor Pat.
  6. pistolpeteJR Instinct of a Child

    The Rockets have adjusted BIG TIME.
    Beverley had an amazing first half. Playing with grit, toughness, and energy. He's all over the game so far.
    This has been a really great first half. Hoping the Rockets can still this one!
  7. flawless victory Active Member

    Lets go Rockets! Close one out on the road and take control of this series!!
  8. Da_Rippa808 V I P

    cmon rockets pull it off. Maybe the Thunder arent that much better than the rockets. I love the way they're hustling and playing.
  9. ipodmini V I P

    On the 3rd or so last play Rockets down only 2 why didn't Harden demand the ball? He sat there in the corner, no one came to Parsons who eventually took a contested 3, go down the other end, Durant 3 and 5 point game. Huge turn around, if Harden scores they go back and forth, instead Thunder go up 3 and 5 to close the game
  10. flawless victory Active Member

    Loved the effort but still down 2-0.
  11. pistolpeteJR Instinct of a Child

    Someone needs to yank on Perkins' disgusting goatee as hard as they can and not show mercy. Freaking guy. So pissed.
  12. mixedballa Well-Known Member

    iif the rockets don't take game 3, this will be a sweep
  13. Jdilla26 Active Member

    I cosign I think Kevin Martin will be the X-Factor in game 3 which I think he will go off
  14. pistolpeteJR Instinct of a Child

  15. Da_Rippa808 V I P

    lmao perkins. They could call a foul on him every play if they wanted. Gets away with blatant holds, pushes on defenders and every offensive possession, he commits illegal screens.
  16. pistolpeteJR Instinct of a Child

    Gets the screen gene from KG.
  17. Th3HamMan1 Active Member

    say it aint so

    Russell Westbrook is going to have surgery

    Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook will undergo surgery in the coming days to repair a lateral meniscus tear in his right knee, the team announced today.
    Westbrook suffered the injury in the second quarter of Game 2 of the First Round of the Western Conference Playoffs.

    “Our players’ health is our first and foremost concern. The Thunder’s medical team and several specialists we consulted with determined that Russell undergo a procedure to address the issue,” said Thunder Executive Vice President and General Manager Sam Presti. “We have thoroughly discussed this with Russell. Despite being the competitor and teammate that he is, he respects and understands the decision and is committed to come back even stronger. Certainly Russell is a leader and core player for this team, but we are in the midst of the playoffs and I know other players are determined to step up and contribute. We have a resilient group of players who have always taken pride in playing as a team and that approach will continue.”
    There is no timetable set for his return.
  18. flawless victory Active Member

    Rockets in 6 baby!
  19. Bence. V I P

  20. BoogieFan Head Hop Hip

    Yup I just saw that tweet, successful surgery but he's done for this year's playoffs.

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