The Reignman: Looking back in awe.

detrimental June 3, 2012 1

I was going to fill this spot with vivid, poetic rhetoric not unlike that in which Kemp incited from the Seattle Supersonics broadcasters. “Ohhh! A raging, right-handed Tomahawk jam from the Reignman! Ohhh my Goodness! He punched that ticket, and went on his way!”. A piece of broadcasting history from Kevin Calabro that will be with me for as long as I live.

Reminiscing on these days, I came to realize that there is no replication of words that would be befitting of the Shawn Kemp legacy. At least not from a lowly-blogging schmuck such as myself. No amount of brainstorming and vocabulary-searching would result in the literary poetry that would be appropriately reflective of the Reignman’s Da Vinci-like highlight reel.

I’ll let the footage do the talking.

Rather than post the same-old highlights seen from the NBA’s “Shawn Kemp: The Reignman” DVD, I felt it would be more exciting to post some actual broadcast footage. What you’re about to watch is, in my opinion, the greatest combination of on-court highlights and broadcast commentary in the history of the game: SuperSonics basketball during the Kemp/Payton era. The eiptome of NBA entertainment.

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  1. Mr. Irrelevant June 3, 2012 at 7:05 am - Reply

    AAYYY CARAMBAAAA!!! That one handed oop on Zo was nasty.

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