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The Reignman: Looking back in awe.

detrimental June 3, 2012 2

I was going to fill this spot with vivid, poetic rhetoric not unlike that in which Kemp incited from the Seattle Supersonics broadcasters. “Ohhh! A raging, right-handed Tomahawk jam from the Reignman! Ohhh my

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RIP: Orlando Woolridge dead at 52.

detrimental June 2, 2012 0

Before LeBron James was even conceived, Orlando Woolridge was lacing up on the NBA Hardwood with the type of body and frame that make LeBron’s rivals watch on in awe today. Tall, wide, and

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LeBron James and the Weight of the World.

detrimental May 21, 2012 5

40 Points. 18 Rebounds. 9 Assists. 2 blocks. 2 steals. That’s the sound of LeBron James making history yet again by becoming the first player in over 51 years to have at least 40

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