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Magic Johnson disses LeBron James

Mr. Irrelevant October 17, 2011 3

Over the weekend Magic Johnson spoke to students at the University of Albany.  During what appears to be a scholarship speech, he cracked a small LeBron joke that had the crowd in a frenzy,

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LamarMatic?s Throwback: NBA Record ? Jordan?s Most FTs in a Half, Glen Rice (33pts)

LamarMatic’s Throwback: NBA Record - Jordan’s Most FTs in a Half, Glen Rice (33pts)

LamarMatic September 17, 2011 0

MJ starts off a game in Miami slowly. He attempts only 7 field goals during the first half and tries to involve team-mates by passing the ball. After losing the first half to an

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LamarMatic’s Throwback: Alonzo Mourning Drops 50 on Muresan (14/10/5blk) (1996)

LamarMatic September 11, 2011 2

I truly feel sorry for Gheorghe Muresan about this game. This might be the best defense anyone has ever put up and still let his opponent score 50 points. Alonzo Mourning comes out wild

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