King 1991′s NCAA Classics: Bill Walton 44 Points vs Memphis State (1973 NCAA Final)

king1991 December 14, 2011 0


Unreal game by Bill Walton. One of the greatest centers of all-time scored 44 points on 21/22 FG. He was on fire in this game. Such a shame that injuries stopped him, he was on his way to be one of the greatest players ever.

UCLA holds the record for most NCAA titles, they won 11 championships. Coach John Wodden won 10 of them in 12 seasons. From 1964 to 1975 UCLA won 10 NCAA titles, including 7 straight from 1967-1973. Bill Walton was the backbone of UCLA’s two consecutive undefeated seaons, 60-0 record in two seasons and 2 NCAA titles. Walton was also a part of UCLA’s men’s basketball record 88 game winning streak. Walton didn’t lose a game from the middle of his junior year of high school to the middle of his senior year in college.

Injuries didn’t stop Walton from winning MVP, Finals MVP and NBA ring with Portland in 1977 season. He also contributed in Boston’s 1986 NBA title run, he was the best 6th man in the league.


Here’s the boxscore:


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