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May 13, 2008

LeBron to Mom: “Sit yo @$# down”

Keep your eye out on the woman in the white shirt. The uneducated probably just views this as an overly excited basketball fan trying to get a piece of King James’ jock. As it’s well known around here at MixMakers, our goal is to educate. The woman in white is indeed probably an overly excited basketball fan, but she has a reason to be because it was her son that was just taken into the 2nd row via Paul Pierce.

Now knowing that this woman is LeBron James’ mother, you’re probably asking yourself the same questions that we were asking ourselves. For one, is that the way to talk to your mother on the day after Mother’s Day?! And number two, doesn’t “The King” have enough money to shell out the extra dough to get his mom some real courtside seats? I guess the seats right underneath the basket behind all the cameramen with their huge equipment is good enough for the woman who gave you life…I guess.

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