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In The Mix - 07/30/08
Wednesday, 30 Jul, 2008 – 14:34 | No Comment

IN.THE.MIX - daily linkdump. The McCarthy girls are genetically gifted.

Chron - Ron Artest traded to Houston for a bag of chips and OG Bobby Jackson.
Cuzoogle - Oprah’s book club with an NBA twist.
WithLeather - …

In The Mix - 07/28/08
Monday, 28 Jul, 2008 – 14:57 | No Comment

IN.THE.MIX - daily linkdump. Karate Kid - 9PM et.  Watch it!

WithLeather - O Hai der Megan Ohai.  USC’s hottest soccer player.
BrightCove - Tim Sylvia will be on the next Affliction card.  Let’s see how …

In The Mix - 06/10/08
Tuesday, 10 Jun, 2008 – 15:56 | No Comment

IN.THE.MIX - daily linkdump. Let’s hug it out, get drunk with Russell Crowe and head-butt some kangaroos.

WithLeather - Remember that show Entourage? Well, that really hot chick on it threw the first pitch at …

In The Mix - 06/09/08
Monday, 9 Jun, 2008 – 16:58 | No Comment

IN.THE.MIX - daily linkdump. Curing boredom at work since ‘85.

Maxim - Top 10 Worst Broadcasters in sports. I sense a Bill Walton sighting in the near future.
FanIQ - It’s tough work being …

In The Mix - 06/08/08
Sunday, 8 Jun, 2008 – 11:55 | No Comment

IN.THE.MIX - daily linkdump. Posting Jeff Garcia news just so we can post a pic of his wife.

StraightCashHomey - The best and only site for pictures of outdated jerseys.
UndraftedFreeAgent - Jeff Garcia contemplating retirement. …

In The Mix - 06/07/08
Saturday, 7 Jun, 2008 – 17:39 | No Comment

IN.THE.MIX - Introducing daily linkdump. Bringing you the best sports links on a daily basis.

WithLeather - Carrie Underwood the country singer and softball player - insert ‘wood’ joke here.
TheBigLead - Our favorite sideline …