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MixMakers.net is a fishbowl look into the world of everything sports! A defect from ESPN, Leon K. (just a defect) is the face behind the name of MixMakers & MixMakers blog. Updated daily, Leon and his crew reveal top sports gossip and reports on breaking sports news so as to appear momentarily interesting. With their hand on the pulse of everything sports related, they look to celebrate, criticize, belittle, mock and deride. And although Leon will unwillingly admit to writing this in 3rd person for dramatic effect, it truly is as good as it sounds!

The Robin to Leon’s Batman is co-contributor Jay. He writes sports blogs. But enough about him-
Since it’s inception in 2004, MixMakers.net has quickly garnered a strong following, becoming one of the largest sports related forums on the internet. With over 80,000 members and growing, M2 has solidified its’ place in the internet sportsphere (we made that word up) as one of the top destinations for sports fans and enthusiasts alike. Visit our blog or stop by the forums and get in the MIX! (That was wordplay)
Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments,

tips, or inquiries: MixMakersnet (at) gmail.com