LamarMatic’s Top 10 Premo Tracks of 2011

LamarMatic November 26, 2011 0

2011 was (well, technically it isn’t over yet, however I doubt that we’ll see any more Premo tracks released other than the Bumpy Knuckles joint “Ownit”)  the 23rd year of our world being blessed with the production of DJ Premier. The man still is able to release beats good enough to cement his status as the dopest producer out there (and still able not to release albums, which he has promised for years). Here goes an attempt at ranking my ten favourite Premo songs (I took rhymes in consideration as well) from this year.

10.Bumpy Knuckles/Freddie Foxxx - BAP

Typical Bumpy and Premier track that makes you want to senselessly beat innocent bystanders.

9. NYGz - Last Night

Teaser track for the upcoming NYGz album “Hustlaz Union: Local NYG”, which is coming out in 2112 (not a typo). Every track should be produced by Premier, our grandsons will love this one.

8. DJ Premier & The Berklee Symphony - Regeneration (Feat. Nas)

The most creative Premo joint of the year. Look out for that rumoured Nas and Premier project, could come out right after the NYGz album.

7.Royce da 5’9″ - Second Place

The fake laugh/cry kind of ruins it for me, so this time Royce has to see what seventh place looks like. Otherwise, Nickel sounds as good as always on a Premo beat.

6.Game - Born in the Trap

The shout outs in the chorus kind of ruin it for me. Otherwise, Game proves that he can be a quality emcee and reaches his 1000th career name-drop. The historic reference was his boy Wack being called Toni Kukoc. The scratches at the end might be my favourite ones from this year.

5.Torae - For the Record

A track with not only a Shawn Kemp reference, but a Rony Seikaly one as well, is already dope in my book. Add Torae and a Premo beat and you can do wonders.

4.Apathy - Stop What Ya Doin’ (Feat. Celph Titled)

This might be too raw and rugged for some people, yet I think it isn’t over the top considering that Apathy and Celph are the ones who are doing the emceeing. The track takes numerous awards. The most ridiculous hip hop video of the year, the most hilarious video of the year and the dopest scratching on video of the year. You just have to love the way Premier licks his fingers while smoking to do those signature scratches.

3. Edo G - Fastlane

Edo G spitting knowledge on a Premier track is a concept that will always work. A nice “feel good” track.

2.Evidence - You

This track seems to be flawless and I had a hard time leaving it only second, yet it would be the same deal with its rival. The Mavis Staples (check out “You Send Me”) sample is beautiful, Evidence surprises (I didn’t know that he could drop lines as dope as these) with incredible rhymes, Premo’s signature formula is on point and don’t you just love these simple videos…

1.Reks - 25th Hour

…of the emcees walking around the streets. Evidence’s rhymes are good, but I think Reks’s shit might be the best ones from this year. Seriously, he just doesn’t stop going at it on this track. The video of Reks in Coney Island is just perfect. That’s it, this is my favourite Premo song of the year coming from what could be the best hip hop album of the year.

By the way, you can vote on your favourite one on If you didn’t know about it till know, be sure to check it out - best fansite imaginable, the author (gimantalon) has truly done a wonderful job.

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