Vigilante’s 110 Hip-Hop Quotes (Quote #87)

Vigilante August 9, 2011 0
Vigilante’s 110 Hip-Hop Quotes (Quote #87)

Mississippi artist Big K.R.I.T. gives us a look into his life with his first verse of his song My Interpretation.

12/7 Quote #87

“What if all the songs wasn’t vain
And the dreams that I had never came and I had lost all the blessings I had gained?
Woke up in a world that was built upon pain
With an attitude like you ain’t shit without fame
I’m quite gifted, with good hair and light skinned
A white pigment with a budget that’s like spending
Infatuated with heaven although I like sinning
Say I’d never claim to be, but I’m quite Christian
To what extent would I go for ice wristes
Chain necklaces and overzealous bitches
Excuse my tone, yes I know the difference in a
Woman for self and a jazze belle
I ain’t lost, I’m just speaking the truth
Some things I’d say even if I wasn’t speaking to you
Jay said you gotta learn just to live with regrets
But what happens when regrets is all you got left?
Cause you never got a fair chance
How can you waltz through life when it’s a square dance?
And the leaders ain’t leading, and the preaches soul’s in doubt
Sitting in church like, “who’s gonna save my soul now? “
They try to tell me that God ain’t real
And a chain of big explosions is why I’m here
And a ape decided he wanted to walk upright
And leave the other apes in the jungle, cause he that tight… you got me ****ed up”

Big K.R.I.T. - My Interpretation

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