Full NFL Games (Week 7)

Mr. Irrelevant October 24, 2011 0


For you NFL guys fiending for your football fix (nice alliteration), Large Clips has the hookup for you in here.  There’s been some great games this weekend including DeMarco Murray outrunning Emmitt Smith’s record, Drew Brees going off on the Colts, Aaron Rodgers continuing the perfect season, and even Tim Tebow putting the team on his back, doe.  Granted, if you’re interested in the Broncos-Dolphins game, I’d suggest skipping to the last 5 minutes, nothing else is bearable.

Speaking of unbearable, give Large Clips some props for uploading the Cleveland-Seattle game.  I don’t think anybody’s even going to visit the thread.  Dang shame…that the NFL would schedule those two teams…

Anyway all the games should be up, minus the Monday night game (which was a real thriller…).




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