The NBA Finals Gained Some Heat

Marion31 June 10, 2012 0



(The big three of the Miami Heat came out firing when needed the most)


Chris Bosh hit an unexpected three from the corner; Lebron James nailed a 30 footer; Dwyane Wade drained a tough, falling jumper with a trip to the free throw line.


Just in the style of the Miami Heat, those were some of the key plays in crucial points of the most important quarter in the game of basketball.

However, the Heat were not so alive and kickin’ in the previous parts of the game, especially during the first half where various kinds of woes followed them. Mario Chalmers turned one ball after another over, Wade was almost nowhere to be seen, and James wasn’t as nearly as convincing as in game 6.

Nevertheless, they were always there, trailing only by a tiny margin for most of the time, despite the valiant effort from the resilient Celtics.

And yet again, for the second time in a row, the Heat are right where they want to be, only four victories away from proving numerous doubters wrong and clinching the first title since the now distant ’06.

Last year, their plans were spoiled by Dirk Nowitzki and an amazing squad of Dallas Mavericks. Will they be able to pull it off now?

Almost impossible to predict, since there are so many questions that need to be answered. Who will shine more, James or Durant? Which team will play superb, championship-worthy defense? Who will be able to keep their composure and come out huge when the game is on the line?

We could be juxtaposing piles and piles of those, but instead of enburdening my mind with that, I’ve thought of a better idea – I’ll sit back in my armchair with an ice-cold drink at my side and hopefully enjoy tremendously while watching what dubbed “The Dream Finals”.

I suggest you do just the same.


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