His Airness: Through the ’96, ’97, ’98 playoffs.

detrimental August 29, 2011 2

I was reluctant to enter into the realm of monotonous repetition here by making another 90′s/Bulls/Jordan post, but let’s face it: There’s nothing repetitive, nor monotonous about any of those things - especially when all three come in the same package.

Superceeding the other-worldly athleticism that helped drive Michael to the throne of the sporting world before his first retirement after that ’93 ring, this ‘version’ of Michael Jordan was one that relied more on the refined skills of his game (which was often otherwise analyzed as ‘smarts’) as opposed to his all-out universal athletic attack. While by no means a slouch athletically, Money deferred far more often to his invariably accurate mid-range game that came riddled with an array of footwork and moves that created space between he and his defender(s) like few - if any - in the game have had the capacity to do so before.

This three-part video series courtesy of mikedamz on YouTube (MikeDamz YT Page) takes a look at each individual campaign of the second threepeat that cemented His Airness’ legacy as, at the very least colloquially, the Greatest Player of All Time.

Featuring a vast majority of MJ’s field goals during each playoff run, these videos are sure to be welcomed by anybody who claims to be a fan of the game of basketball.






  1. mike August 30, 2011 at 7:01 pm - Reply

    Thanks man! MJ is the most complete basketball player in history. The Perfect Player.

  2. arlubas September 3, 2011 at 2:55 am - Reply

    Even though the younger version of MJ is a spectacle everyone loved, the pure basketball lovers adored this version as well, with the footwork and the fadeaways that could kill any team on any given night. Unstoppable.

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