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Vigilante’s 110 Hip-Hop Quotes (Quote #86)

Vigilante August 6, 2011 0

I’m Vigilante, and this will be my introduction post to the Mixmakers homepage and blog. Last year in September I started up a quest to drop a Hip-Hop quote or verse to promote the

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Terrell Owens – The Golden One

Terrell Owens - The Golden One

MeloMan August 6, 2011 2

El Dorado. It stands for a lot of things, but people believe it stands mainly and most importantly for “The Golden One”  and the fascinating, yet unrealistic “City of Gold” who many explorers have

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New-York Knicks “Rising Empire”

venomindustries August 6, 2011 0

Hey Guys! After you have released the trailer in February, so here is my big project on the season New York Knicks. I will not prod this because I worked differently and I prefer

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