Forces of Destiny Trailer [MIX]

venomindustries August 17, 2011 1

Forces of Destiny Trailer by Meir21 and LK12Productions

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This is the trailer for our upcoming project: Forces of Destiny. It includes the career of Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin. All three of them will have a successful future, they’ve proved it already in the last years.

We have decided to work on this project together.
It’s also our announcement that we are joining the H4L crew. And no, we haven’t left the EvoTeam because of that. After we left, we had the chance to join with H4L. And we did, because we wanted this for a long time. We are glad to be part of it!

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  1. source24 August 17, 2011 at 4:15 pm - Reply

    Can’t wait!

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