Alphabetical Slaughter - [H]ip Hop, Indie Rock, and Music You’ve Never Heard Of

J. Jonah Jameson August 14, 2011 2

“Alphabetical Slaughter is a weekly feature that has been employed to shine a light on artists, whom otherwise, may go unnoticed.” 

I cleaned my closet a few hours ago, which may seem like a small feat for my readers. It wasn’t, however. The process has been ongoing for the past ten years and has led to me discovering many forgotten gems. You probably expect me to say I uncovered the holy grail of hip hop; ten year old Juice’s rare hip hop collection; but no, I found a piece of looseleaf with piss poor hand writing on it. It was a to do list from fourth grade, a ritual I’ve continued into my early twenties and never seem to follow through on. The list: math homework, finish heritage project, and in giant capital letters below, PLAY OUTSIDE. What happened to the days when we were outside every chance we got? Now we’re sitting here on internet forums, writing blogs that no one is ever going to read (tell me I’m wrong). Anyway, enough about my criticism of today’s introverted society; this is a music blog and I intend to follow through on what was promised.

The first act I’d like to dicuss is one I actually know very little about. I discovered the trio a year or two ago, fell in love with their beat selection, and immediately posted them on my dissapointing YouTube channel. The group’s name is HighDEF and they finally released an album entitled High End Theory in June. That’s about as far as my knowledge goes. I’m usually skeptical of ATCQ knock off projects, but it has been in the work for over a year now, and with their usual on point beat selection, the project was actually a nice listen. The album can be streamed via bandcamp, which I’ve included along with a couple standout tracks.

The next act I want to talk about, The Head and the Heart, released their debut album (self-titled) this year, and it flew widely under the radar. Excellent release, and even though it sounds like everything I ever seem to post in my indie rock feature, I strongly urge you to check it out.

And just to switch it up and give you something a little different, I’ll kinda cheat and include Ezra Furman and the [H]arpoons.

Sorry for the half-assed entry this week (by way of not digging too deep into the crates). About to go into a semi-severe allergic coma and need to find medication ASAP. See you Monday next Sunday.


  1. Nicksnut August 14, 2011 at 6:39 pm - Reply

    “writing blogs that no one is ever going to read”

    I read it and liked it.

  2. arlubas August 16, 2011 at 8:57 pm - Reply

    Liked that last one a whole lot. Sunny country inspired pop always sounds good.

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