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Ever wondered who the wrote that jaw-dropping Kobe Bryant article? Or that article on Brett Favre retiring? (Oh, so he FINALLY retired?!). Get to know the people behind the articles right here. Listed in Alphabetical order, here are a group of men that have taken the internet by storm.

I’ve been a fan of hiphop for 3 or 4 years now. I’ve always wanted to share and spread the music I like, that’s why I’ve started a blog about hiphop last November along with a lot of other rap lovers. And that’s why it feels good to be apart of the Blog Team. You can expect album/mixtape reviews, interviews and artist spotlights from me, and I hope that some of you will join to the discussion, and the section will be more active than it has ever been.

Being an avid sports junky my whole life, I’ve always found it easiest to share my opinions and thoughts through the form of writing and MixMakers.net is a great place to do so. Thanks to M2, I have rekindled my love for the NBA and have also started following College Sports and MLB. Another passion of mine is music and with the M2 community consisting of many different nationalities, ages and tastes in music/media, I’ve been able to find my niche and am still discovering new favorites regularly thanks to the contributing members. As part of the Blog Team, I hope we can all come together and do the best we can to raise the activity and professionalism of this ever growing community.

I aspire to become a personal trainer & fitness adviser. I think that it would be a great experience and something that I would find challenging, but also enjoyable. I was previously a columnist for www.hoops4life.com and I have open invitations to join www.ballislife.com as a reviewer. As you may already know, I am part of a select group of bloggers that write for the MixMakers homepage. I will be covering the NFL, here at your number one sports entertainment site on the net, mixmakers.net.

My name is J.C. Morris, and I’ve been a member of Mixmakers.net for almost five years. My favorite sport is basketball, and I’ve been following the NBA for over 15 years. I’ve been active in online basketball fan communities, and blogging here at Mixmakers.net is yet another avenue of expressing my thoughts on one of the greatest games ever invented.

I’ve had a love for writing, film and sports, ever since I can remember. So naturally, a position on the Blog Team fits like a glove. I plan on majoring in Journalism, but would also like to try my hand at screenwriting for film someday. I’ve been a member of MixMakers for about six months now,  and I’ve grown pretty fond of the community and site as a whole. My hope is that the Blog Team brings MixMakers to another level in professionalism, interactivity, and discussion. I’ll be primarily writing about Film, Mixes, and Major League Baseball.

Everyone needs a method to express themselves, and I feel blogging for M2 is a good method for me. It allows me to take M2 as a podium and discuss the daily hot topics with people around the world. I can’t even find as diverse perspectives in real life compared to what I find here. And that is my ambition for being here, hoping to provide my own view point on many different subjects to anyone who wishes to read them.

I never really did like writing or found myself to be good at it, but I find writing for M2 to be a great way to express my passion for the MLG Pro Circuit and Halo 3. While what I may be doing in life has nothing to do with what I actually plan to do in life, it does give me a new valuable experience and it could possibly help increase the professionalism of M2. I will mainly be writing about MLG Halo 3 Events and College Football, with the occasional article on Soccer.