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Gotrare’s NBA 2008-2009 Monthly Highlight Mix

Submitted by nitelite on Friday, 12 December 2008No Comment

Renhigotrare has returned to mixmaking in a big way with his October/November Highlight Mix that utilizes the fast-paced/quick cut style popularized by TNT. This approach to mixmaking is not uncommon, but Gotrare does it in such an entertaining and skillful manner that some M2 members wondered if he actually does work for TNT.

Gotrare has been a fixture on M2 for quite some time, creating YouTube classics such as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan: Moment of Truth and The Greatest Sport.

His explosive style can best be defined as a hybrid of old school values and new era techniques. Gotrare, unlike many mixers today, keeps viewers glued to the screen by expertly showing multiple camera angles for each action, while building the intensity with every clip. He resists the urge to saturate his videos with needless effects, but rather uses fx to enrich them with subtle color corrections, velocity control, and abstract texts that add just the right amount of flair to his mix.

Gotrare’s clip selection is something to marvel at as he manipulates the viewer’s emotions with thunderous dunks, while showcasing the raw intensity and fierceness from the players that every NBA fanatic thrives off of.

However, the most glaring and noteworthy achievement in the October/November mix is Gotrare’s sound editing/mixing. Whether it be enhancing sounds to convey the awe and simplistic beauty whenever Lebron thrusts the chalk into the air, or distorting the audio of a player’s yell into a primal roar, Gotrare’s skills in this area are unmatched in the world of mixmaking. He makes the viewer feel a part of the action by using in-game audio like sneaker-squeaks, grunts, groans, net-swishes, and whistle blows.

Viewers no longer have to wait till game time to experience the NBA, Gotrare has made it a click away.

And Gotrare only sweetened the deal for his legion of fans when he announced that these mixes would become a monthly endeavor for him. So if you want the ultimate recap of last month’s action in the NBA, Gotrare has you covered on his YouTube channel.

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