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Erin Andrews in Playboy?

Submitted by LK-47 on Thursday, 29 May 2008No Comment

“Playboy, Over My Dead Body”!

Don’t shoot the messenger, but our dreams of seeing our favorite sideline beauty (No not Cheryl Miller) in Playboy seem SQUASHED. Steve Andrews, father of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, adamently rejects any possibility whatsoever of our busty blonde sidelines reporter ever being in Playboy. To quote the overprotective, dream-crushing S.O.B. of a father, “…hell will freeze over before she ever would be in Playboy for anything else.” Thankfully he didn’t rule out Penthouse.

The hearts of many a young men have been broken with this news today…But at least we have photoshop. And for the perverted old men of the world, you still have your imagination.

Erin Andrews Gallery

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