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Albert Pujols: Baseball’s White Knight
Wednesday, 8 Apr, 2009 – 22:26 | No Comment

“God promised Abraham that he would not destroy Sodom if he could find ten righteous men… I have a feeling that for Baseball it may come down to one.”
After the 1994 strike, attendance was down and …

Jason Giambi Flips The Bird
Wednesday, 30 Jul, 2008 – 13:30 | No Comment

This video, which I share because it is newsworthy and is not meant to detract from potential MLB profits, shows Mr. Giambi on his NEXT at bat, hitting the ball equally as hard but this …

William Hung Bangs at Minor League Game
Monday, 28 Jul, 2008 – 13:17 | No Comment

If you’re like me and wonder what William Hung is up to on a daily basis, wonder no more.  Hung was spotted singing at a Schaumburg Flyers baseball game on July 27, 2008 at Alexian …

Mets: Bye Bye Willie Randolph
Tuesday, 17 Jun, 2008 – 13:01 | No Comment

In what many baseball insiders are calling a “gutless” firing by the Mets, coach Willie Randolph, along with pitching coach Rick Peterson and firstbase coach Tom Nieto were axed off early Tuesday morning. The sideshow …

Congratulations: Griffey Goes Yard
Monday, 9 Jun, 2008 – 19:44 | No Comment

Ken Griffey Jr joined the ranks of Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, and Sammy Sosa as the newest member of the 600 home run club. The Cincinnati outfielder, with a swing as …

Cuckoo For Coco Crisp: Brawl Ensues
Thursday, 5 Jun, 2008 – 18:57 | No Comment

Even Dion Warwick could have foreseen retaliation on Coco Crisp following Wednesdays ball-busting slide into 2nd base. And fittingly enough, it came in the form of a James Shields fastball to the leg. And despite …