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Jedi Chris Presents - Kobe Bryant - Road to Glory: Part 2

Submitted by VenomIndustries on Friday, 15 May 2009No Comment

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JediChris embarks on another great mix journey with his latest installment of “Road to Glory”, and it does not disappoint.  This mix equally matches the amazement of part 1, but also stands up as a great mix. From clip selection, to song choice and audio editing, this mix excels at it all. With mixmaking developing so quickly over the past few years, many have forgotten the subtleties that make a mix great. It’s not about special effects, clips, audio, or story; what makes a mix truly great is the balanced combination of everything.

Chris starts off with a powerful introduction that captures the moments of the lakers past through voice over and commentary. It sets up the tone of the mix, this overwhelming feeling of retribution or pressure to succeed.  Then that beginning is contrasted with the Bynum injury, which complexes the entire story. There is this flashback to last years injury and eventual defeat in the finals. So at that point you wonder, how do they respond this year? Well, Chris shows how Kobe responds with 61 points vs the Knicks. As well as the back to back wins in Boston and Cleveland. While I feel the ending of the mix doesn’t accurately reflect the tone of the beginning of the mix, it is an effective ending. This is the Laker’s journey to the post season, and much to the tone of Hollywood, it has had its share of plot twists.

Road to Glory just shows what dedication can result in. Very well perfected and balanced mixes. The lone problem is we only get to see JediChris mix 2-3 times a year. I want triple that.

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