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We Get Boston - LD2K Production

Submitted by VenomIndustries on Tuesday, 3 March 2009No Comment

We Get Boston - Let the War Begin - LD2K Production

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It’s becoming more and more rare to come across a mix that is an instant classic. Sure, anyone can make a mix, but there is an elite class of people who produce gold every time out. LD2K, with his latest mix We Get Boston, does not disappoint.

On the eve of Christmas a new classic begins, and LD2K hypes up the Boston/LA game beyond what words can describe. The mix is pure emotion and adrenaline for 2 minutes. He sets the tone perfectly by showing the past, the old rivalry, the grit of the NBA. The trailer VO fits the theme perfectly, it seems the script for written for his mix.

He transitions into the modern era showing the Laker’s camaraderie, their passion, and then of course the flashback to their collapse from the Finals. The pain of defeat is evident, and the “new” rivalry has begun. Then the transition into new hope, a new beginning, with Bynum.  It sets the game’s tone that this time, things will be different. “Somethings changed”, we have the enforcer.

LD2K’s editing is as fresh and as on point as much as, if not more, than he ever was before. Every impacting bass line, every cymbal crash, is represented visually.  Every VO word is matched by a boston or LA player, in a huddle, on the court, the sideline. The range of close ups, slow motion, and highlight clips show the mix is more than a mix. It’s passion.

Time’s have changed, no more rolling over, no more quitting.

Not tonight.


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