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Prodigies Trailer

Submitted by nitelite on Sunday, 19 April 2009No Comment

The mixmaking world has not had a revolutionary project come their way since Mixtapelive’s A Walk In Their Shoes. But if the trailer is any indication for H4L’s Prodigies, something extraordinary is upon us. Any mix by an H4L crew member is reason enough to get excited, but with such gifted mixers like Domino, Venom, and renhigotrare combining their talents, is their any reason why Prodigies won’t be The Godfather of Mixmaking?

Mixes are usually judged by their story, audio, editing, and general creativity. With Domino, Venom, and Gotrare you are getting the best of both worlds. While they are all incredibly talented mixers, they each excel at different aspects. Gotrare is superb with audio, pacing, and highlights, with a unique ability to suck you in and put you courtside. Domino is ridiculously creative with his editing, and has a sixth sense when it comes to his attention to detail. He is widely considered to be one of the most innovative mixers in history. And then there is Venom, whose artful approach to mixmaking and his commitment to story-telling has become that of mixmaking lore. All three, mixmaking legends in their own right, have combined their talents to take us on a journey that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Hell, the trailer is better than most mixes. Even if you only have a mild appreciation for the art of mixmaking, you have to appreciate the way they structured the Prodigies trailer. Showing Kobe announcing his entry into the draft, followed by David Stern announcing KG as the 5th pick in the 1995 draft, and then showing Lebron as “The Cavaliers select Lebron James”; was a brilliant sequence.  The carefully selected audio is poignant, and goes hand-in-hand with their beautiful choice of music. The decision to give it the feel of a documentary, what with the interviews of players and the dark, archive-like footage is something you have no choice but marvel at. The color correction and the text give the trailer the perfect mood.

Dinoman (we’ll get to him in a minute) has called me out before about how I always say a mix is “the best”at something. Well, excuse me while I proclaim that this is the best trailer for a mix ever made. The meticulous attention to detail is jaw-dropping. The way the music picks up and shows the credits “Venom”, “Domino”, “Gotrare”,  with the quotes calling them the mixers of their generation feels and looks so professional it’s ridiculous. Had I not known better I would have mistook this for a real motion picture.

Hats off to you: Domino, Venom, and renhigotrare, as your commitment to mixmaking has created yet another masterpiece. The three of you give the rest of us something to strive for and have no doubt inspired a whole new generation of mixmakers with your creativity, innovation, and editing genius and you continue to raise the bar. I am confidant that in June, my expectations, which you have just sent skyward, will be met and surpassed.

Hoops4Life has become synonymous with excellence and success in the past few years. While there is no official Mixmaker Hall of Fame, H4L is the stand-in. There is no higher honor or achievement than being invited to become apart of the greatest mixing crew around. Their membership is virtually a  who’s-who of Legends: Arlubas, Mixtapelive, Ld2k, Domino, renhigotrare, and Venom. They are M2’s New York Yankees. So I extend my congratulations to Dinoman, as the newest addition to their already amazing squad. He has helped shape mixmaking in the past year with his amazing use of effects and story-telling and to see him finally get his due as a mixmaker is great to see. I have a feeling Dinoman’s best work is yet to come.

Oh, and uh…by the way. Yours truly will be the first one to see -and review- Prodigies, as I have already been promised a sneak-peek in the coming weeks. Jealous?

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